Cleaner and Healthier Carpets

Enjoy cleaner, healthier and fresher carpets  throughout your entire home.

Carpet Magic utilises a unique Natural cleaning approach that not only cleans your carpet and removes most stubborn stains. Our natural solutions also nourish your carpet and helps protect them from further soiling.

 Our unique cleaning process includes the following:


  1. A thorough inspection of your carpet to identify the fibre content and cleanability.

  2. Your carpet is  thoroughly vacuumed with our commercial vacuum cleaners. This removes 80% of all soiling before we even start the cleaning process.

  3. Stains are identified and treated with the appropriate stain removal products and techniques.

  4. A light mist of our unique Natural cleaning solution is applied to your carpet. This starts to break down and loosen the soiling.

  5. Your carpet is massaged with a special machine to further loosen the dirt and grime and help the cleaning solution do its "magic"

  6. Using our high powered extraction machine the cleaning solution along with all the soiling and nasties in your carpet are removed.

  7. A further inspection of your carpet is made to attend to any stubborn stains left behind.

  8. Your carpet is groomed by hand with a special carpet brush to reset and lift the pile.

  9. Finally we use air movers to help speed up the drying time.


The end result is a carpet that is slightly damp to the touch and will be dry in a couple of hours.


Carpet stain removal Northamptonshire Roade
Red wine stain removal Hartwell

We are fully trained Cleansmart technicians.

We clean homes, offices and commercial premises in Northampton,Wellingborough,Kettering,Roade,Corby,Burton Latimer,Towcester and all surrounding villages.

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