Accidents can happen.

Imagine the scenario.

You have just had your carpets freshly cleaned and have guests round. One glass of wine too many and ,,,, splash!!!

Red wine all over your new or freshly cleaned carpet.

Dont despair as we have the solution. Our Carpet Magic Stainguard treatment will help keep your carpets stain free as the day they were cleaned.

Using the most advanced protection treatment available today we can coat the fibres of your carpets and upholstery with an invisible layer of protection.

This protection will give you time to mop up the spill and help repel

  • wine

  • tea

  • coffee

  • fizzy drinks

  • beer and various other day to day spillages.

Also when you ask us to apply Carpet Magic Stainguard you will also receive a FREE bottle of our Pet and Child friendly stain remover to keep your carpets in top condition when the inevitable spill occurs.

Finally you will also benefit from 1 emergency stain removal visit in the event you cannot remove the stain yourself.

*conditions apply