Carpet Pet Stain Removal Northamptonshire

Pet Odour and Urine Treatments

You love your pets, we all do and at Carpet Magic being dog owners ourselves we understand that accidents do happen Even with the most house trained of animals.

"Sometimes if ya gotta go, ya gotta go !! "

With Urine soiling its not just a stain that needs dealing with. Urine will seep deep down into your carpet backing and through the underlay and sometimes onto the hard flooring below.

Just treating the top of the carpet fibres will not solve the issue.

When Urine dries it turns into salts and this is where the smell comes from and also bacteria starts growing.

Our Microbial cleaning solution will neutralise the urine and kill any bacteria 

Our process includes treating the whole of the carpet from the fibres downwards flushing out the urine.

Then it is treated with a deodoriser and sanitiser.

Some carpets can be permanently stained by Urine but the quicker we attend to the problem the more chance we have of success.

Using our Pet Safe cleaning solutions we can clean up those little accidents and restore your carpet leaving it sweet smelling.

And when we are done we will leave you with a FREE bottle of our professional spot cleaner to clean up any further little accidents.

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